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COVID Heroes – Issue #3

As we get into Week 3 of our dedicated column, we’ve all been tasked with adjusting to a new normal. Living rooms have turned into classrooms and conference rooms, Zoom and Google Hangouts have become the preferred locations for pretty much all social gatherings, and activities that were once commonplace, like daily grocery store outings, are becoming far less frequent. Everything from the way we work to the way we work out is changing during the pandemic.

The fear around this public health emergency can certainly be overwhelming and scary. But, it has also shown us inspiring acts of kindness from people around the world doing their best to help those affected by the disease. Whether it’s medical workers on the frontlines who need the right protective gear, hospitals that need more supplies to treat sick patients, or students who need lunch now that they can’t eat at school, plenty of people are in need of help.

As you may have read in our past Issues, Beem has been rounding up a list of brands, switching to new innovation and those giving products and donations to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. These brands are inspiring us with their actions and responding to the emergency with generosity and philanthropy. 

So, who’s been put in place some inspirational actions over the past week? Let’s dive into it!




Kiehl’s has a history of helping those in need, and these days they’re keeping up their reputation by continuing their ongoing Feeding America partnership. Also, they will be supporting Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund to help families and children who need it most at this time when schools across the US are closed.

If you want to help, you can join Kiehl’s and a group of other brands here.



We know how hard it is for young students these days, not being able to attend classes and courses can leave you without inspiration and motivation. Thanks to companies like Labster though, students are offered fully interactive advanced lab simulations.

In fact, they will be extending access to their virtual lab resources to provide up to five million in temporary relief for colleges and universities around the world, since the company believes that they can help thousands of classes with this initiative. They’ve already seen 5,000 new teachers sign-up since the announcement!



ExxonMobil has partnered with the Global Center for Medical Innovation to initiate projects to rapidly redesign and manufacture reusable personal protection equipment for health care workers, such as face shields and masks, which are in short supply as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is addressing N95 mask shortages by using its knowledge and experience to facilitate development and expedite third-party production of safety equipment that can be sterilized and uses replaceable cartridges! Since the 1960s, Exxon has developed the filtration fabric technology and it’s now making its experts available and delivering polypropylene from its manufacturing sites for mask assembly.



Lowe’s implemented a temporary $2-per-hour wage increase for all full-time, part-time, and seasonal hourly associates for the months of April and May. The company also paid $80 million in special payments to hourly associates on March 31—$300 for full-time associates and $150 for part-time and seasonal associates.

Lowe’s is offering 14 days of emergency paid leave for all associates who need it, extended emergency paid leave up to a total of four weeks for those at a higher risk for severe illness from the coronavirus. Employee support made right here!



Merck has provided 1.3 million masks, other PPE, and equipment globally, millions of dollars worth of medicine to China, and more than 25,800 inhalers in the U.S. The company is also actively engaged in efforts to help find treatments for the coronavirus.

Merck has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a consortium of life-sciences companies to accelerate the development, manufacture, and delivery of vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for the coronavirus.




Walmart is giving millions in bonuses and salary advances to hourly and supply chain associates. For stores that are part of a mandated quarantine, the company will give employees up to two weeks of pay.

Walmart is also lending its parking lots to mobile testing centers in areas of need!




If you want to feature in our regular update or would like to nominate a colleague or company for being a hero during this crisis, send us a note and a short blurb about what they have achieved and some details of their heroism during COVID-19 and we’ll reach back out for some more info! 😀

You can send your nominations to and we’ll be back in touch to hear your story!



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