Tips for a Post-Holiday Productivity Boost!

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Tips for a Post-Holiday Productivity Boost!

The return to work after a long holiday can be a challenge, we’ve all indulged and enjoyed some down time with our families.

On top of finding day-to-day motivation when our belly is still filled with Christmas and New Year’s Eve’s leftovers, how do we deal with the thousands of emails piling up our inbox in early January? When we come back to our desks after holiday time off, it can take a while for us to get back up to a healthy level of productivity and pick up where we left off. But can we as employers and managers take steps to help our teams and ease the process!

What are the best ways to ensure everyone is productive and aligned with the team and company, following the Festive break, here are a few tips!

Pacing Yourself for Success

Try not to return to a full calendar of nonstop meetings. Try to use your first week back as an opportunity to check in with the team and reestablish your near and future goals as an individual and team: give everyone a little room to catch up on what they have missed and use this moments to reconnect with your schedule and daily movements!

Focus is Everything

Hopefully, you’ve used the break to consider where you spend your time and energy. Is your working week as productive as it should be? What can be done in a more efficient way? Are you thoughtfully logical about being in control of your time and who absorbs your energy?

If you’re exceptionally busy in your workday, consider streamlining or applying principles such as Pareto’s 80/20 rule to maximise your positive effect with fewer heavy touches throughout the working day


Flexible working is becoming commonplace these days, as more and more people tend to spend parts of their working week answering emails and crafting presentations from home. If you’re able to, this is a great opportunity to get the heavy lifting items done so you can focus on your team and goals when on-site

Get Aligned

A flexible week is a good start but make sure you gather your team to refocus everyone as they return to work following a major holiday period – set clear goals to motivate your teams and be make sure everyone is ready to have a 2017 full of amazing opportunities for the business. Some people are still a little jaded after the long holidays, reach out and support those that need it and bring everyone back aligned with the objectives at hand. This is a very important task, misalignment is hard to pull back into shape if you lose it!

The Path to Teamwork

In January more than ever, people need to be focussed, learn from the previous years wins, and equally, the challenges. Being able to build on these and return to a healthy sense of collaboration is key. Be clear and transparent and gather relevant people to ensure that teamwork goal alignment occurs throughout the subsequent weeks.

Stay Humble

Leaders usually have a lot on their plate, it is easy to forget the basics. Don’t wait until someone is leaving your team or a product is launched to say thank you!

Try saying thank you in advance! Thank your new hire for joining your team, thank your team for their hard work or for holding the fort while you were on vacation. Create a positive environment by building daily gratitude into the way you work as you return from vacation, and your team will thank you for it.

Building in productive breaks to socialise with coworkers is vital for a company success, because when we really feel part of an organisation we’re ready to give it our best, we believe in all aspects of it, including the people in it.

Instead of letting people dread a huge amount of work created over the holidays, ensure that they have a actionable and accountable approach to tasks and the best environment to help boost their productivity and success!

How’s your January stacking up so far?  Let us know in the comments!

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