The Magnificent 7 of Employee Motivation

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The Magnificent 7 of Employee Motivation

The HR managers of today have a big task ahead of them; ensuring their teams are productive and engaged, and that employees are passionate and proud to be a part of the company and it’s culture

But is motivation even important? Isn’t it the employees’ job to stay motivated and engaged with their company?

Statistics show that engaged employees are more productive, have fewer safety incidents, less absenteeism, and in general contribute to higher organisational profitability. They’re also more likely to stick around, saving you precious recruiting and training resources. It’s also well known that a company that has a low rate of turnover is more likely to outperform those with high employee churn rates. And it gets better – when both employees and customers are engaged, the results can be breathtaking. According to research from Gallup  – outcome-oriented business performance increases by 240 percent when both employees and customers are actively engaged.

Clearly, it’s in a managers best interest to keep employees motivated in their role and within the wider company, but where to start? Gimmicks like Laser-tag wars, dogs in the office, and free beer every Friday are fun and help, of course…

But fostering employment motivation should be at the heart of how you run your business! If you’re a small business, that motivation often trickles down from working closely with the founding team. But what about the 10,000+ Global enterprise?

Here’s a snapshot of what can be promoted by every forward-thinking manager!

Get the RIGHT Goals Aligned

Getting everyone on the same page should begin the first day a new recruit joins your team. Providing an employee onboarding process during orientation that includes achievable learn-by-succeeding strategic goals. Alongside which, how the new employee is expected to impact the company.

Expectations should also be set early so that every employee begins with a sense of ownership in company outcomes. Setting achievable individual goals and providing training and support throughout the employee journey is vital.

Build Team Trust

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller was right – when people trust each other, a positive outcome is more likely to be achieved. Building trust takes time, but as a manager you can help ease the process by encouraging employees to be more social. There are lots of ways to encourage team bonding, whether it be during a corporate event (escape the room, heading to a restaurant, etc.), or perhaps participating in the occasional afternoon sports outing. Or, there’s digital points of connection which are equally important to barrier breaking 😉

Which Path?

Engaged employees trust their leaders are well-intentioned, hard-working and authentic. It’s important to stress the value of trying new approaches, even if that occasionally means making mistakes. A leader and manager can demonstrate to others that this is ok by taking responsibility for their actions and owning their mistakes. Over time, everyone is empowered to get more done instead of becoming uncommitted in fear that a mistake will have a negative outcome. Set goals and expectations with fluid possibilities of achieving them

Share your Strategy & Plans

Leaders must be good strategic thinkers with a strong plan for leveraging their company’s competitive advantages. Equally important is letting employees know about these plans and how the company is performing on a regular basis. Once everyone knows there’s a larger mission to aim for; many will feel an important part in reaching the desired outcome

Foster Role Satisfaction

Many factors impact employee engagement, but nothing is more important than enjoying one’s daily work day and having a good relationship with your own direct team. Ensure alignment and satisfaction with opportunities for training and professional development, removing work obstacles, providing fair rewards, and, finally, cultivating confidence in senior management.

Celebrate Big & Small Wins

The key to unlocking motivation is realising that large goals simply won’t happen overnight, in the next week or maybe not even the 12 months, but that this is okay. We can all too often focus on the LARGE goals rather than the small but significant steps required to take to get us to that large end goal.

It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate small wins. If we don’t we run real risk of weakening our motivation and this motivation is what keeps us on the right path toward the larger goals

Intrinsic Attachment

So we know not everyone can offer the same workplace perks seen in Google and Facebook (Laundry and in-house Sushi chefs) but many can look to create a passionate, fun and energetic workplace environment, whether it’s with an office make-over or with a concerted effort to make the work day productive as well as dynamic and fun. This will simply create an environment that elevates what you do, beyond a product or service. But onto something which groups of people feel entwined with and committed to.


Armed with these 7 seven simple tips you’re well on your way to a happier healthier workforce and it only gets better from here!

Do you have any tips for motivating your team or boosting engagement? Let us know in the comments!

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