The Beemster Egg Hunt starts today, don’t miss it!

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The Beemster Egg Hunt starts today, don’t miss it!

Easter is here! 


And with it, bunnies, copious amounts of chocolate, and some well deserved time off with the family. But before closing your computer for the long weekend, you may want to think about giving your employees an Egg-cellent Easter present!

Every day, millions of employees across the globe are actively disengaged at work, negatively impacting their office environments and business operating income. The problem? Many companies struggle to align their culture to support business goals, with only 13% of workers worldwide actually engaged by their work. Gulp! HR professional know (or at least they should) that employees in their organisation are an integral part of company culture, so it’s important every effort is made to ensure that morale is high and that people really care about their jobs (beyond just a paycheque).

We know a delicious Easter egg won’t turn a disgruntled employee into a bundle of workplace joy, but it’s not a bad place to start! And if you’re looking for long term improvements in happiness, wellbeing, and engagement we have another idea that will work even better than chocolate… An internal employee app!

There has never been a better time to sign up, and start reaping the benefits of Beem… And that’s because, we’ve decided to run an Easter campaign over the next week across our social media pages and our website, offering unbeatable discounts on key features and licenses: make sure you check them out daily and choose the best one for your employees and your company!



At Beem, we are all about helping companies to reach out, connect and engage with everyone in the organisation! You’ll be able to translate your messages in different languages and to make sure that no one is left behind with secure frontline access for those employees without a company email address.

Let us help you foster company culture and transform your workforce into the best advocates for your business!


Drop us an email at, or check out our website, redeem your offer and start NOW!

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