Outline your Goal Setting Strategy with Beem

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Outline your Goal Setting Strategy with Beem

Many companies, regardless of their size, revenue or business offering, often launch their ideas in the market with the only goal to make enough money to survive the next month, with little to no forward-thinking or planning. But the reality is that business owners should not fear setting goals or projections, because there is absolutely no downside to doing so!

It’s important to remember that setting business goals will not ensure success for any organization. However, there’s also a lot to be said for not flying by the seat of your pants. Taking the time to look at the organization from a broader perspective will give to those who are in charge of making choices greater confidence in what lies ahead and how the organization will be able to optimize it.

At Beem we’re experts on how to foster employee engagement and we focus on the value of enabling the workforce to be aligned with the HQ in terms of goals and objectives through Technology. There’s nothing worse than not having a clear strategy in place since day 1!

How can we help you do that?



Offer your employees more

Joining a new company is exciting, but can also be challenging: you don’t usually know anyone, you’re new to internal habits and processes and this can easily be overwhelming, especially when you’re asked to deliver from the start and don’t have much time to settle in. Here, getting to know better your company’s goals is vital for you to be efficient from the start: our platform is ideal to share with a new joiner any important corporate material or piece of information that would help him set in. Also, Beem enables employees to share User Generated Content, participate in competitions and polls and live-stream company events. All of these features will help a new joiner feel already part of the organization and will definitely help him crack on with his duties and company-related initiatives with genuine enthusiasm.


Reach everyone

But what if you just joined a company and you don’t get to have a corporate email address?

How can companies onboard their dispersed employees and make sure they understand what they’re asked for? And most importantly – how do companies make sure they feel appreciated since day 1 for what they’re doing, and make them feel like they’re not left behind? Beem enables every blue-collar employee to be up to date with company content every day: every non-desk based employees will be able to use their credentials to access company material on the platform, staying up to speed with everything that goes on with their company, even from the factory their working in!



Analyze with metrics

Ok, great, now everybody gets access to company material via Beem app. But how can a company know if an employee is actually engaged, besides from asking to fill out boring polls or surveys? We got your back!

Our platform encapsulates a system of metrics that can help understand if employees are interested in the company content the HQ circulates on the platform. The levels of engagement present on our dashboard show how companies can improve their capability of offering to the users the right content at the right time, helping them to understand the company culture and the big picture they’re operating in.


These 3 features.. and many more!

But we all hate spoilers! So, if you’re thinking of boosting your employee engagement with data, talk to us here at Beem about our insights dashboard. We can measure what’s important to you and provide detailed analytics so that you can focus on what content to distribute next!

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