Introducing Employee Video Capture

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Introducing Employee Video Capture

It’s true what they say… “Video killed the radio star”! And if you’re a nostalgic person, you might feel a bit sad. But think about it: while staring at your mobile phone, have you ever felt more engaged than when you are watching a video? I bet not!

Whether it’s YouTube, Vine or integrated content, video has quickly become one of the most impactful ways to speak to an audience. According to a recent study by Usurv, delivering content via video is the absolute best way to go. Consumers are 39 percent more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, 36 percent more likely to comment and 56 percent more likely to give that video a coveted “like.”

At Beem, we work every day to deliver the best employee solutions to our clients, helping their employees feel engaged at work and to be part of their mobile community. We already support external video sources and we enable users to share images within the platform, but the numbers don’t lie, and there’s a big appetite for user-generated video as well… and so we’ve answered the call!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve implemented a user-generated video feature to encourage each and every employee to share even more of their experiences with their colleagues. Whether that’s a meeting at the office, an exciting event employees are attending, or using the video to share ideas or projects, the instant video feature will help each and every user to actively contribute to their community and feel part of an organisation building a strong company culture.

Check out how our video feature works and drop us an email at to know more about the endless possibilities your company has with our easy to use mobile platform!


Let us know if you’re using video capture within any enterprise initiatives in the comments! Or if you have questions on how Beem instant video can work for your company let us know!



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