How we Unlocked our New Brand Approach

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How we Unlocked our New Brand Approach

I’m hoping to give you insight into our creative processes, some understanding into a wider journey and the rationale which encouraged creative change at Beem. In hopes that similar thinking can be applied to any creative process you’re venturing, or, simply you’re just interested in innovation and design, either way, I’ll take you through a whistle stop tour, with design really only forming one point of focus!

When we launched Beem close to five years ago, Beem represented productivity made quick and simple for employees and their content and news needs. We offered dynamic mobile solutions to an enterprise landscape which was (and, in many ways still is) reliant on rapidly antiquating technologies and behaviours (one for another day perhaps!)

Our mission was simple – make engaging with work day content simple and satisfying. Why does it have to be such a pain!? It’s a dumb question I grant you, but it’s one that nobody could sufficiently answer

Principles we’ve always held close are – simplicity, satisfaction, and speed. If these three general ideas are applied, it’s wondrous what can be achieved with any technology, let alone enterprise employee tech.

Today, Beem and our technologies are used throughout numerous F1000 organisations with globally dispersed employees receiving real value from accessing core materials via mobile solutions.

Despite the journey, for the most part, Beem still stands for those early central beliefs, however, our solutions have matured, so has the enterprise sector. So now Beem is a versatile, multivariate business technology. Our employee solutions are being applied across inspiring organisations, working hard to solve often fluid communication challenges.

As our product functionality has not only developed, and has been driving deeper benefits, our use case has broadened, encompassing new, fascinating challenges and tackling emerging Human Resource obstacles for our front-line users.

It was time to surface this new thinking in a new symbol, iconography which visually summarized the myriad ways in which progressive brands are utilizing Beem technologies to solve their employee challenges.

OK, first, let’s go back to our thinking on our old approach

The traditional Beem symbol was extremely simple and straightforward – a lower case white “b” surrounded by an orange background in a drop-like shape. In fact, it was designed by one of the founding team here at Beem and as most cases of excited and new companies, the logo isn’t the main focal point. 

Nevertheless, we loved this soft and simple brand approach and still hold it dear, but it increasingly felt like this didn’t serve as a relevant motif for an evolving message as clearly as it once did.

Simplicity wasn’t enough to visually express. Enterprises don’t just love Beem for simplicity, each has their own story and each enterprise employee within that has a unique response and requirement to and of work day mobility

The original logo had a single focal point, which at the beginning of our journey was the central importance of simplified communications. We’ve been working since day one to put mobile content at the centre of everybody’s working day and for that centre to be rapid and simple. Conceptually, nothing could represent us more than having a logo that had its main focus point at the centre of it and that centre point being content and the employees access to it.

We realized for a number of years that the Beem platform could be shaped to accommodate the differing objectives and requirements of complex enterprise structures. We took this idea and unpacked it, thinking about the myriad scenarios our platform has historically delivered benefits; and identified just how much could be achieved by using Beem as an everyday tool for an employee’s day, in new and differing ways.

Our technology has become our clients’ eyes and ears on what’s working, which employees require attention, and what new tools, programs or campaigns are required to help an organization maintain fluidity and ultimately an accessible and engaged workforce

We’ve worked on shifting our tool from an intersection of functionalities, to a complete 360 platform: Beem has become a method for those who need and want it, to feel closer to their company, and a system they can use and rely on, every day. 

Beem is not only an employee engagement platform: it’s a multi-faceted and cross-platform tool that companies rely on to share materials with every individual of the organisation, to keep everyone aligned on goals and business values over a long period, to facilitate the HR access and distribution, to create a solid sense of belonging to the team, to facilitate the flow of information between and throughout front-line workforces.

This new icon felt that it needed the same elegant minimalism as our first version, but with a much richer visual subtext. (Also, preferably looking like someone had spent more than 4 minutes designing this one couldn’t hurt!)

When we were brainstorming about our brand redesign, we took this thinking with us, asking ourselves: what can reflect our business values of being a multipurpose company that enables organisations to face numerous challenges oftentimes simultaneously? Challenges that they’ve yet to truly consider? What could be the perfect form for a logo? Given the fact that many organisations reach everyone through Beem, and they do this in real time and across time zones…

The concept of a Prism became a strong idea and in turn, image; working perfectly as a metaphor and as a source of inspiration for us. A Prism, causes light waves to distinctively refract dependant on their angle of input; leaving the prism at various linked exit angles, creating an effect similar to that of a rainbow.

This resonated so much with us and we saw many fascinating parallels, or – 

Depending on enterprise challenge (or angle), Beem provides a unique solution of positive input

After a couple of alpha versions, we landed here, with a new symbol the entire Beem team felt summarised our unique culture, our solutions and the benefits provided to our enterprise client partners

This new Beem symbol is inclusive, a white centre that works as a welcome area: every new user sees it as the landing area of within an assuring platform they can rely on. The colour scale is now more natural, yet balanced and vibrant, with the orange that slowly descends into a lighter tone, giving to those who are looking intently, the impression that the B is there.

More than anything though, we want to underline the many opportunities a company has by using Beem: our new logo is a multi-side infinite journey. The surround encircles the centre, a symbol of the number of challenges Beem can help organisations overcome their, and a representation of the numerous issues that Beem can tackle in a digitally connected way.

Will this be our final brand version? Nobody knows, least of all me, but is that a problem?

Technology changes, in many ways it is ephemeral and transient, this only increasing with demand and innovation. Beem is a confident company, setting new norms in employee technologies. But we’re also diligent and work collaboratively with the enterprise and client partners.

With agile innovation, we can be dextrous, responsive and set new pathways on our mission incredibly quickly.

I find that setting a North Star is important, but the journey to a map point matters much less. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about a Connected Company and Strong Company Culture. Both of which are by their nature are multi-faceted

Let us know your thoughts on our new Beem icon and how you approach the creative process

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  • Tiffany Williams
    Posted at 8:32 pm, 31st May 2017

    Really like it, simple but complex and conveys things in motion, circular, never ending. Great job Lee and team!

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