How to handle the unique challenges of HR industry

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How to handle the unique challenges of HR industry

The HR industry is evolving quickly, with new technology and communications tools cropping up on a weekly basis (or so it feels sometimes!).

All this tech hasn’t diminished the need for an effective HR department, though, quite the contrary! HR is playing an increasingly important role for businesses across the globe.

Of course, HR professionals search and recruit candidates, but they also play an active role in growth and the creation of sustainable business policies. The HR department is a bridge that connects management with employees and the other way around. Simply put, they are that player in the game that with their ‘intangibles’ allows the whole engine to run more smoothly.

Working in HR has its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. As a professional, you need to understand workplace culture, handle sensitive situations and switch between an administrative and face-to-face role effortlessly.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the key challenges faced by HR managers, and some tips for overcoming them!


Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

Impacting a workplace culture can be really difficult, especially with companies that have a very well defined culture (think about Youtube, Buzzfeed, Tesla, etc.). However, there is always room for improvement and cultures that don’t evolve and continue to improve risk stagnation or falling out of touch.

Many HR professionals spend a lot of time designing systems that encourage friendly, genuine collaboration. This could be an incentive program or candidate criteria to ensure every new hire is the right fit. So, while workplace culture grows organically, it is up to the HR department to complete the groundwork. Finding professionals who are like-minded and enthusiastic encourages a happy environment.

It is a key challenge for every HR professional to source and hire employees who will benefit the business, in turn creating a culture that can also attract the best talent!


Handle Angry Outbursts From Everyone

Healthy workplace culture is a fine balance of ‘give and take.’ HR professionals must deal with a broad range of disputes every day. Most of these will have an impact on the internal or external face of the business. It’s almost impossible to please everyone! It is up to HR to achieve a fair compromise, so an intuitive ability to think outside of the box is a must for those who would love to work in this field.

While the right steps can seem obvious on paper, improvisation will help you to deal with unique scenarios.


Stop the Best Talent From Leaving

We’ve said it before, the first task of an HR professional is to select the best candidates. But this is only the first step. In a time where job-hopping has become the norm, keeping the best talent from moving on is difficult.

If an employee decides they want a pay rise and their performance is valuable to the business, you will need to find a way to solve this demand. Retaining great talent is a fundamental role within the HR industry, and it requires an in-depth understanding of personal ambition of people around the office!

A complex ecosystem of healthy workplace culture, great employee relationships, room to grow and excel, and an accessible support system is what will keep every employee at their desk smiling.


Educate your employees…and learn from them!

Whether you’ve just completed an HR designation or graduated from your degree many years ago, undertaking a form of study creates a great platform to grow as a student and a teacher. Many young professionals don’t realise that the HR industry must be flexible in order to help the business and an employee.

Professionals must lead and be led, as they wear many different hats. You will need to find a way to achieve what seems like the impossible. Whether you are offering advice on legal issues, leading an employee talent program or acting as a mediator in a conflict. Those who are more open minded will not struggle in the HR world!


Do you think there’s more an HR professional should take care of? Let us know in the comments below!


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