How did Beem win 2 Awards with a F100 Super-Brand?

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How did Beem win 2 Awards with a F100 Super-Brand?

Our human requirement for connectivity, connection, and interactions via technology is insatiable. In 2017, few can argue with that. But we at Beem still encounter this thinking not being commonplace in the enterprise employee sphere; or if it is, it can all be a little haphazard.

Well, this year has been a big year for Beem, and we’re pleased to see that future forward tech solutions are fast becoming ubiquitous (and with real enterprise appetite!). With that, we’re ecstatic to announce, that in collaboration with our client partner Nissan, Beem cleaned up at the 2017 IoIC National Awards, hosted by the Institute of the Internal Communications (not literally.. but a bit literally!)

Over 350 internal communication professionals gathered for the event to recognize and celebrate the winners, and guess what! we’re proud to announce, Beem won the award for best “New Channel” as well as the Gold Award for the Digital category! (Whoop!)

The Gold Award is one of three top awards from the night, and an achievement were very proud of.

To succeed in this category, Beem worked with Nissan to underline the technical vision and aligned it with some of the biggest challenges faced in enterprise mobility.

We’re delighted in our collaboration with the Automotive Leader, who has leveraged the Beem platform to reach their hardest to reach employees communities has been recognized for the positive impact it is achieving and will continue to drive on

Internal Communication and culture are increasingly a focal point for businesses around the world.  As we strive to inform, excite and engage our clients’ employee communities, we always inspire partners to use ever more new and interesting ways to communicate and to help ensure the hardest to reach become their biggest advocates

The IoIC awards seek out great examples of technology that showcase progressive thinking aligned with creative strategy. But also to celebrate how the industry is developing, in such a rich and diverse employee landscape.
So, what did the judges think of our “Nissan Insider: Creating a Dialogue with the Hard to Reach” work? One of them had this to say:

“There’s nothing not to like about Insider (Beem); everything about the planning and execution of this new channel is top notch.”

These words highlight some of the key issues we help our clients tackle on a daily basis, with an emphasis on the disconnect many frontline employees face from their HQs.


Front-line employees present a unique challenge for an effective internal comms/change strategy. These employees can typically represent the largest segment of a workforce and are often isolated in dispersed areas, with their own culture and systems of communications that exist outside of corporate norms. This audience can be notoriously difficult to engage, with communications limited to what could be shared by a manager in 3 minutes (the length of a morning briefing for instance), posters or screens on site.

When technology solutions are deployed, the employee segment can be famously difficult to reach and captivate. Which further emphasises this accolade

And now, to stick a cherry on top of such gratuitous humility. But truthfully, there’s no formula for award or recognition, perhaps passionate, driven and talented Beem teamers, but what we find important is a trust-based collaboration between us and client (which can be rare), all too often there’s an invisible barrier. But if you can break down these separators there’s so much that can be achieved when neither party is afraid to take risks, test assumptions and build on successes in agile environments.

As we move into winter event season – good luck with your own awards and industry events, by Jove i bet you’ve earnt your recognition!

Don’t forget, drop us an email at to learn more about our solutions and fingers crossed we can be the next company collaboration to win the Digital Gold Award 2018.

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