Goodbye Wheel, Hello World! – V2 & what to expect

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Goodbye Wheel, Hello World! – V2 & what to expect

Things are constantly transforming in the workplace and the workforce: companies are beginning to understand that reaching every employee is crucial to get results in the long term. This is why at Beem we work to provide support in this process by giving companies a future-proof solution. In order to keep pace, we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve and blaze ahead of the pack in innovation!

Which is why, we met with lots of F100 brands, listened to their employee visions and took them back to Beem Worx, sprinkled their feedback with Beem creative dust and and decided to progress the Beem app experience for global brands.

Our V2 version has a simple, streamlined and more versatile design, with a content feed system that enables engagement with multimedia content in a more interactive way: it is designed to combine materials and content with quick access to topics and channels from a single screen view. Everything important or interesting in your working day is now accessible from a single place, from materials and platforms to contributing to your employee community! Easy!



At Beem, we’re all about creating communities and sharing ideas and experiences: our V2 version enables employees to leverage Beem as their personalized hub, contributing to their organisations in a more meaningful way. We know more than ever that non-desk based and HQ teams alike need quick access experiences, which is why speed and intuition is front and centre of our new tech vision.

V2 is in pre launch, but If you want to know more about our new version or solutions, drop us an email at we’ll be happy to provide you a more in-depth overview about all things Beem!


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