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How To Engage Workplace Millenials

It’s a fairly well-trodden subject in the enterprise, we know. But one which consistently intrigues everyone involved with employee success.

Beem has a bunch of millennial folks so here’s our take from the horses mouth

For years, employers have been aware of employee engagement and retention issues in their workplaces. These organisations usually now have dynamic engagement policies. Although these still favour an undifferentiated approach for the various generations of employees. As the Millennial generation grows in size and influence across the enterprise, managers and human resources professionals need to be aware what drives Millennial engagement and adopt the most effective and dynamic approach.

As the Millennial generation grows in size and influence across the enterprise, managers and human resources professionals need to be aware what drives Millennial engagement and adopt the most effective and dynamic approach.

Analysing a recent Gallup poll, it’s easy to notice how employee engagement among Millennials is still an exception and not the norm. In fact, of more than one million participants revealed that only 29 percent of Millennials are engaged in their jobs.  Specifically, the data underlines also that employee engagement makes a huge difference, showing how an engaged employee:

  • Enjoy 17 percent higher productivity
  • Experience 41 percent less absenteeism
  • Have 10 percent better customer ratings
  • Have 70 percent fewer safety incidents

To find the best ways to engage Millennial demographics, it’s important to understand why current engagement levels are so low. An employee must feel a sense of purpose in their work, every day. Empowering employees to make a meaningful and quantifiable impact in helping address environmental and social issues is something that Millennials would like to have in their portfolio of activities and tasks. Confidence in their leaders is also critical for employee engagement.

What else? Let’s look at some drivers of engagement for Millennials in the workplace!


Millennial people want independence, in fact most expect a sense of flexibility. They want the ability to work from home and manage their own time.

60% of UK tech employees would rather have flexible working in lieu of a 5% salary increase and 50% said they would trade a 10% salary rise for flexible working

When done well, offering Millennial people this flexibility can bring to the company a greater productivity due to motivation and alignment, a truly creative problem-solving ecosystem and finally a lower employee churn over time, due to higher engagement.

If you’re a bright-eyed bushy-tailed millennial yourself, and value flexibility. Remember flex work environments haven’t trickled into the traditional sectors such as health, legal, medical as readily. If you’re interested look to tech or media. Or where being remote is baked into the role, like a freelance role

Social Connectivity

Millennial people are less likely to see the line separating work relationships and personal lives. It’s all just ‘life’ afterall right?

Providing tools and applications (Ahem) for them to gain social connectivity in the workplace can lead to enhanced collaboration spurred from stronger relationships and a greater engagement due to personal investment in company.

Make sure though that the work environment doesn’t become a social environment first though and a business environment second. Twitter is cool, but as long as you keep your productivity levels high.

Growth Opportunities

Among Millennials, career growth is considered a professional priority. Motivating Millennials with professional development opportunities can lead to faster learning, a results-oriented culture that promotes a fast growth of dynamic (and often fun) skills. The younger workplace don’t “wait around” for their turns; and can be fast to pick up, try and drop various roles before fixing anywhere for a long period

Keep in mind that is vital not to promote a culture of entitlement: set challenging goals for your employees and stress positive results as the driver of professional advancement!


Lifestyle Conveniences

Millennial people can be driven by work they believe in. When Millennials feel valued by their employers, they work harder. At best, they will become an employer brand champion. Offering Millennials meaningful, everyday lifestyle conveniences will make their everyday lives much easier and encourage them to spend more time at work because she/he won’t have to do as many mundane tasks.

Millennials make up 38 percent of the current workforce, but in less than 10 years they are expected to account for the 75 percent of the western labour force. This is why today’s forward-thinking employers are seeking innovative strategies to increase employee engagement among Millennials, to benefit all involved now and into the future.

With the proper tools and guidance, Millennials will quickly become one of your company’s strongest future-proof assets!

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