End of Week Roundup! [Issue #9]

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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #9]

Another exciting week is almost over!

Here is our Friday roundup to keep you updated on what’s been shaking the Tech and Internal Comms world this week.

Along with Barclays Bank opening a startup hub in London and AI steadily gaining importance across HR departments, these are the articles that caught our attention the most!

Enjoy your reading and have an amazing weekend!


Menlo Ventures raises new $450M fund to back early consumer, enterprise and ‘frontier technologies’



Silicon Valley VC Menlo Ventures has closed a new $450 million fund to invest primarily in early-stage “consumer, enterprise and frontier technologies”.  The ultimate goal is to focus on deep, analytical research in fast-moving core areas like Marketplaces, Cloud Infrastructure, SaaS, Fintech and Cybersecurity. It sounds amazing, but what about next steps?


Meet Matey, the product-hunting robot that wants to make shops smarter



Robots and automation are already commonplace in food warehouses, but they could soon be coming to supermarket aisles. Fujitsu’s Matey move autonomously through shops to monitor produce and help retailers stack shelves more effectively. How soon will we see these robots running around our beloved shops just around the corner?


Massive New Apple Headquarters Takes Over Silicon Valley



Ever dreamt about working in a space ship? The time is right to apply for a position at Apple then! Six years after a frail Steve Jobs approached the Cupertino City Council proposing his idea to build a massive Apple headquarters; his plan has come to fruition. Check out the full project: it’s something out of this world!


Weekly notables: check out Collider’s roundup, our CEO’s words have been featured in and are truly inspiring!

And speaking of inspiration, take a look at these 29 HR Experts and Hiring Managers Revealing Their Interview Tips for Hiring Top Job Candidates. Thanks to our friends at Wonolo for sharing this!


Did we miss something? Send us an email at hey@wearebeem.com  and we’ll feature your article into next week’s roundup!

the Beem Team




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