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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #64]

Happy Friday from Beem!

We’re back again with our Weekly roundup to ensure you guys know what’s been shaking the Tech, Comms and HR world this week. Before we dive in: don’t forget to send us an email to hey@wearebeem.com if you have a story you want to share! Whether it’s about leadership, HR, innovation, company culture or communications or even your own story, we’re keen to learn, so share it with us and we may feature your post in our upcoming issue.

Right, what’s been making waves this week? Check this out and join the discussion below!




How to Help Your Employees Learn from Each Other



When your team wants to learn a new skill, where do they turn first? Google? YouTube? Their corporate training programs? No. According to a study, more workers first turn to their peers (55%)—second only to asking their bosses. Peer-to-peer learning can be a powerful development tool that breaks through some common barriers to skill-building — and it has other benefits as well.

Yet many organizations have yet to create a formal structure for peer-to-peer learning! Why is that so? Why are companies still not investing enough to establish programs that help their employees bond together and learn from each other? What are the upsides and the downsides of this situation both for the white and blue collars?



Inside Facebook’s fight to beat Google and dominate in AI



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees AI as a vital technology and Facebook already uses AI to power many of the core features on the main Facebook platform. The Facebook News Feed, for example, is underpinned by AI that predicts what content each person may want to see. Google DeepMind, which has over 700 people, has made more headlines thanks to its AlphaGo AI system, which successfully defeated the top human Go player in the world, Lee Sedol in 2016.

How is this battle going to play out over the next few years? Who’s winning now and who’s got the best tools to win the war? Facebook’s and Google’s AIs work to develop predictive models of the world, but what if the world is not entirely predictable?!



The 100 coolest people in UK tech



It has been an epochal year for the British technology industry, provoking searching questions about protecting people’s privacy and safety, and regulating Silicon Valley’s behemoths.

Every year, Business Insider publishes the UK Tech 100 — a ranking of the 100 coolest people in the UK tech scene. It celebrates the vibrant array of people working to scale companies, develop exciting new research, and shed light on the latest advances in the industry. Check out the full list here!

SPOILER: we’re working on making this list next year!



Are you a horrible boss? How to tell if your team is engaged



No one sets out to become a bad boss. However, it is almost inevitable that at some point every leader will be a ‘bad boss’ to someone.  Most of us will have experienced a good manager become a poor manager and if we’re really lucky – a poor manager becomes a good one. But how do you know if you’re a horrible boss who makes their employees dread Monday morning?

The challenge most managers face is that many organizations and managers lack a consistent approach in gaining feedback from their employees. How can companies solve this issue then? We might have some answers for you!


Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature your article in next week’s Roundup!

Also, let us know what type of content you guys want more or less of, we’re all ears!

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