End of Week Roundup! [Issue #6]

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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #6]

We’re back with our Friday Roundup!

March is gone, but not without making some fireworks in its last week! In fact, we’ve seen FitBit release its Alta HR wristband and Microsoft unveil Arrow, an Android launcher that changes how you interact with and use some of Android’s home screen and main functions.

Is that it? Nope, not at all: check out the best highlights!


Brexit Begins: What Does HR Need to Know?


Earlier this week, Theresa May has triggered the Article 50, officially starting UK’s procedures to exit the E.U. HR departments continent-wide have been scrambling to prepare for the changes, but still no one really knows what Brexit means. So, what does HR need to know to face this moment in time in the right way?


The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally arrived


The Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally been launched and… well, it’s entirely as we expected thanks to the myriad leaks that sprung up all over the internet in the preceding months. What’s impressive here is the large display and the faster innards: check out a hands-on review from Techcrunch and don’t worry, nothing is going to explode this time.


This Meditation Startup Is Turning Stress Into Profits


With stress and anxiety levels reaching a worrisome peak, Calm, a guided-meditation app, saw its rate of sales spike by more than 50% in the last 6 months and has now over 8 million users. Excited by the unprecedented success, the app co-founders are now thinking of expanding the business, for example by opening Calm-themed hotels.


Did you find anything super-interesting you think we should mention? Comment below and we’ll feature in our next blog post!



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