End of week Roundup! [Issue #5]

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End of week Roundup! [Issue #5]

Oh Yesss, it’s Friday again!

Before driving all the way to the countryside for a relaxing weekend, check out what’s been shaking the world of Tech innovations, HR and startups!

This week, we’ve seen Apple release an iPhone7’s Special Edition and HR TechWorld host an amazing event about HR business in London (you can read the full roundup of Day One and Day Two here).  But there’s been much more going on!


Apple release ‘Clips’, a Snapchat-like app that could signal its Augmented Reality



Apple  has released a new app called Clips, with the intent to make creating expressive videos quick and fun for everyone.  The new app combines photos and videos into video clips, and lets people share them on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network. Does all this sound like an answer to Snapchat’s latest success? It might, but it might as well not!


Silicon Valley is no longer #1 for talent says huge global startup report



Startup Genome has published this year’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking to see which cities are doing their best to keep up with San Francisco’s vibrant landscape: London is currently third, but there is a lot more to the report than just the top few places!


How a Business With No Office Has One of the Best Company Cultures



FlexJobs, a company with a completely remote workforce, has been added to the Entrepreneur’s list of the Best Company Cultures in America. Building a strong, healthy company culture is never easy, and it’s even more difficult when the employees do not share their desks on a daily basis. So, how did FlexJobs make it into this list?!



Did you discover anything that really surprised you this week that we didn’t cover? Share the link in the comments section below, and don’t forget to come back next week!

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