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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #43]

Happy Friday from Beem!

Here is our Weekly roundup to ensure you guys know what’s been shaking the Tech, Comms and HR world this week. Before we dive in, don’t forget to send us an email to hey@wearebeem.com if you have a story you want to share! Whether it’s about leadership, HR, innovation, company culture or communications or even your own story, we’re keen to learn, so share it with us and we may feature your post in our upcoming issue.

Right, what’s been making waves this week? Check this out and join the discussion below!



Mind The Generation Gap: Live Chat And Chat Bots Edging Out Email As Retail Channel Of Choice



Independent research from Narvar and YouGov has revealed that there is a vast generational gap in how customers wish to communicate with brands and retailers: today, millennials are 20 percent less likely to contact a retailer via email than baby boomers, and are five times more likely to use live chat on a website.

Millennials and baby boomers strongly believe that fast and direct communications about an order is the number one factor in securing their loyalty. This makes it clear that the modern retailer needs to look carefully at the quality of the communications experience they are providing across all channels, both before and beyond the buy button.

Is this trend going to keep up and change retail marketing forever?



Amazon’s Dominance Has Changed The Landscape For Corporate Business



Whole Foods, Procter and Gamble, Toys r Us: no-one is safe with Amazon in the mix. Jeff Bezos’ empire is getting bigger everyday, aiming to monopolise the retail market like it has never been done before. It’s the modern India Company, the winner that takes all every time and kills the competition.

This dominance is having a good impact on small companies that are now able to be present on the top shelves of Walmart and other great supermarkets thanks to the Seattle company, sure. But what about Amazon’s direct competitors? What about their supply-chain system, their marketing strategies and their payment system? To survive, they have no other choice than to adapt.

In this really interesting video, Guru Hariharan, Boomerang Commerce chief executive officer, and Bloomberg Gadfly’s Shira Ovide discuss how Amazon is changing the landscape of the corporate world and how companies should behave in a landscape getting every day darker. It’s worth a look!



This is the smoking gun at the centre of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story



Connecting everyone in the world has always felt like something of a personal mission for Zuckerberg. Take Internet.org, the Facebook-led plan to bring affordable internet services to less developed countries. When it launched in April 2013, Zuckerberg published a ten-page white paper titled Is Connectivity A Human Right? . “I’m focused on this because I believe it is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. We believe everyone deserves to be connected,” he wrote at the time.

But Zuckerberg and Facebook’s response to his self-proclaimed great challenge is blind to the damage it causes. And, when Facebook’s rapacious desire for data leaks out from beneath its slick corporate messaging, the public reacts with alarm. The growing scandal around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica isn’t the real story: it is merely a particularly eye-catching case study for Facebook’s very successful business model!



Allen & Overy launches innovation hub for legaltech, regtech and dealtech start-ups



Allen & Overy, the London-based international law firm, is now taking applications for Fuse, its five month innovation hub designed for legaltech, regtech and dealtech businesses. Designed for both early-stage businesses as well as more mature companies, successful applicants will be based in Allen & Overy’s HQ – which is based between Shoreditch and the City of London.

Working to develop and test “tech-enabled solutions”, resident businesses will receive a series of tailored lectures – as well as being assigned external mentors and designated a Allen & Overy partner sponsor. First opening its doors in September 2017, Fuse’s first cohort consisted of eight companies who have tackled a range of challenges, from dramatically improving efficiencies in traditional legal processes to assisting asylum seekers in gaining access to pro bono legal representation and advice.




Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature your article in next week’s Roundup!

Also, let us know what type of content you guys want more or less of, we’re all ears!

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