End of week Roundup! [Issue #4]

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End of week Roundup! [Issue #4]

Here we are, back again with this week’s highlights in our Friday roundup!

In the past few days, we’ve seen Hitachi develop a specific technology to use bamboo as fuel and Airbus unveiling a new machine concept that could put an end to traffic jams; but if you think this were the only highlights, you’re wrong!

Take a moment to check out what’s happening with Alexa implemented into Amazon’s app and how AI machines could soon look more human than ever.

Enjoy this read and your weekend!


RIP Siri? You can use Alexa in Amazon’s app now, and it’s really smart



Amazon’s digital assistant has just landed on iOS, and it’s giving Siri a hard time! The update dropped Thursday, and it provides much more precise answers to the most different question than Siri ever did. Amazon is planning to roll out its new feature over the next few days: are you ready to fall for it?


Brent Hoberman left lastminute.com and formed an empire. This is how he did it



Brent Hoberman, the former lastminute.com founder, has a plan to help launch 200 startups by 2021! What Hoberman is building is a startup programme backed by A-list corporate partners including L’Oréal and the Guardian Media Group (GMG): since making its debut in 2015, it has helped launch 11 new companies, so why stopping now?


Machines Could Learn Common Sense from Video



Yann LeCun, Facebook AI Chief, says the next frontier in machine vision is software that learns just by observing the world. We’ve been talking about AI for a while now, and it will surely change the way our everyday life works in the near future, but will Tech giants be able to develop a software with common sense?


Did you discover anything that really surprised you this week that we didn’t share? Share the link in the comments section below, and don’t forget to come back next week!



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