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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #21]

Here’s to another Happy Friday everyone, another vibrant week is almost over!

Here is our Weekly roundup to ensure you guys know what’s been shaking the Tech, Comms and HR world this week. But before we dive in, don’t forget to send us an email to hey@wearebeem.com if you have a story you want to share! Whether it’s about leadership, HR, innovation, company culture or communications or even your own story, we’re keen to learn so share it with us and we may feature your post in our upcoming issue.

Right, what’s been making waves this week? Check this out and join the discussion below!



Three ways HR can build capability for the challenges ahead

HR and Comms face ever greater pressures to perform and streamline human capital process’, it’s a trend we’re seeing often. A gradual shrinkage of budgets pincered by a shortage of personnel in HR departments. Many HR teams are understaffed and have increasingly hectic working weeks.

But wait! there’s light at the end of this tumultuous tunnel – Much of this evolution will hinge on how HR teams adopt (and the speed of this adoption) HR and employee platforms, to automate, simplify and enhance HR and employee processes.

Few enterprises have a future forward strategy in place and fewer have a robust approach to alleviate pressures and transform business practices.


..cough cough… The centrepiece to Beem’s mission.. cough cough 🙂


Infographic: Moving Employees From Disgruntled To Engaged

Disengagement is an issue that’s commonplace throughout dispersed enterprises. It’s a daily challenge which faces the HR teams, but why should this be limited to one team or department? It’s human centric, company wide issue requiring the attention of all, from leaders to executives.

Bring your teams back into the fold and take them away from endlessly scrolling Linkedin Jobs at Lunchtime.

Provide the tools, support and technological systems to nurture a dialogue and inspire their engagement with their daily roles and toward the wider goal of your team and organisation



London’s Tube to get full 4G coverage by 2019

This one divides opinion in Beem HQ – Many londoners (+ universally applied to anyone using an underground system) quite like the ability to have a mini break away from inbound tech annoyances and calls, a moment of contemplation before emerging back into the hustle and bustle of the city. Others find it a pure annoyance that we can’t move around our environment and maintain connectivity

Crammed carriages now with extra shouty phone calls or greater opportunity for smartphone escapism?


The problem with tech diversity reports

We at Beem, like many others are evangelists of transparent and fair professional diversity. However, this article by CNET points to ubiquitous oversights in the methods that diversity reports adhere to. Oftentimes overlooking ethnographic nuance. i.e you are woman, but a woman of hispanic heritage is discounted. We lack a full picture, and if we lack transparency we as the tech industry are not really solving issues of inclusion and fairness.

There may be a level of labour to this extra insight, but only with this can we begin to solve these issues at the root source, with education, training and recruitment



Improve your relationships needn’t be hard

Knowing how to work with unique and different people, how to relate to them, manage and understand them is an imperative. Knowing when to listen, lead, show emotion or courage, all are required by us on a daily basis. But we’re only human and sometimes misjudge them

Relationship building is critical for anyone wishing to rise to any position of leadership. We stumbled across a few snackable guidelines that you might be able to start using today


And that’s it for another week folks!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature your article into next week’s Roundup!

Also let us know what type of content you guys want more or less of, we’re all ears! (not literally!)

– the Beem Team

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