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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #13]

Happy Friday everyone, the Summer is officially here!

Before we jump in to this week’s Beem roundup issue, don’t forget, if you have a story of innovation, culture, leadership or HR & communications, let us know and we’ll feature your content in an upcoming issue. Say hey – edoardo@wearebeem.com

Right, we’re back again with this week’s most important and interesting news from the Tech, HR and the Startup world. Check out what’s making waves, new innovation, and join the discussion below!




Travis Kalanick resigns as Uber CEO



A group of major Uber investors demanded Kalanick’s immediate resignation earlier Tuesday. And yes, the CEO has stepped down from his position and resigned from the company. What’s going to happen to the Silicon Valley’s unicorn now? Well, Uber’s employees have already started a petition for Kalanick’s return, but the future remains really blurry.

Ultimately Uber has many of hurdles to overcome, including – legal, reputational, a (seemingly!) sordid culture and competition on every side. Kalanick’s undignified shove out of the door will only further rock the once great ship Uber.

It’s an intriguing story so we want to know your thoughts here, can Uber cleanse their culture, make a profit and will Travis do a prodigal return, ala Jobs?


When Does Amazon Become a Monopoly?



News hit hard that Amazon will be acquiring the US’s sixth-largest grocery store, and hipster favourite: Wholefoods! The deal is estimated at an eye watering $13.7bn. As news reverberated this week, stock prices for rival grocery giants fell, and the deal now appears to strike fear into the old model of grocery vs online shopping.

Commentators are already calling this play by Bezos one of the shrewdest acquisitions in history, due to the synergy and how readily each will complement scale and impact the future of retail in the space

Do we look in the wrong places for leading innovation – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung Sony. Has Amazon again asserted itself as one of deadliest forces in modern tech?


Supersonic plane startup Boom has 76 orders and expects flight in 2023



Richard Branson’s company has partnered with startup Boom to create new supersonic jets that are faster than Concorde – and now the orders are coming in! Will we really be able to fly like this before 2023?

Over many years we’re seeing lots more transport and logistical disruptions hitting their first iterations – Hyperloop, Tesla, flying cars. Project bore etc

But over recent years we’re now seeing innovative interest return back to transport pillars such as the Air and Rail. Are these transport modes feeling the pressure of future forward thinking elsewhere?.. Perhaps, but transportational innovation can only be a welcome addition for the wider populous


Rise of workplace robots should be taken with ‘a pinch of salt’



Paranoia returns over workplace automation and that careers will be obliterated by technology. Arguably AI is the topic of the decade, commanding both scholarly and business focus entirely. But at Beem we’re confident AI will be complemental in all forms and it looks like most agree, with the workplace in mind

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature your article into next week’s Roundup!


the Beem Team



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