End of Week Round Up! [Issue #2]

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End of Week Round Up! [Issue #2]

Happy Friday everyone!

We’re back again with this week’s most important and interesting news from the Tech, HR and Startup world. Check out what’s making waves, some cool new innovations, and join the discussions below!

Enjoy your reading and don’t forget to check our Weekly Roundup next Friday, for more news and insights.


Snap Inc. Presented its Roadshow Materials


Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, revealed an intimate look at the Snapchat story, sharing the video investor presentation for their upcoming IPO. The more than 35-minute video walks viewers through Snap’s history, audience, products, revenue sources and expansion plans. The main message: Snap is a company where people have genuine, intimate and fun conversations! Sit tight and check it out!


Global AR and VR market is projected to reach US$ 130.01 bn by 2025


AR and VR technologies were born in early 90`s, but the technology has become increasingly mainstream in recent years. While the market is still emerging, the number of new players is growing year over year, and the barriers to entry continue to decrease. It’s no surprise then that the market is expected to account for US$ 130.01 Bn in the year 2025.


2017 Recruiting Trends Point To Technology Driving Change


The way talent acquisition experts do their job has been transformed forever by technology, and likewise candidate expectations have changed as well. Still, employers need to keep their focus on maturing practices like continuing to strategically use recruitment marketing and employer branding. In this process they’ll be helped by big data, analytics and predictive models that will enable them to optimise and personalise the process of converting prospects into applicants.


Did you find anything super-interesting you think we should mention? Comment below and we’ll feature in our next blog post!

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