Develop the right Digital Mindset following these tips!

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Develop the right Digital Mindset following these tips!

Over the past few years, the variety, volume, and velocity of change and innovation has impacted businesses all over the world. Organisations are responding to such disruption by rethinking their business models, business processes, and products and services. These shifts do not only have an impact on the way a company works, but are also influencing how people live, work, and relate to one another.

In this digital era, employees and leaders who are deeply empathetic, collaborative and accepting of risk and failure are in high demand. Everyone has the power to be such a digital business superhero. It’s just a matter of knowing how to tap into that part of ourselves that allows us to rethink, reimagine, and reset in ways that will help our businesses succeed in the digital economy.

Here are a few essential truths about the future of work that can help you smooth the process!


Today’s digital world is the new normal


New technologies bring the promise of higher productivity, increased efficiency and effectiveness, consistent quality, and improved safety and convenience. However, this is only a part of the larger digital transformation picture. Organisations still need a skilled and creative workforce that can leverage these innovations to innovate continuously, communicate effectively and work collaboratively with others.

How can you upskill your workforce to take on the challenge of the digital age? Discover how this new digital normal is impacting the future of work!



Mindset matters just as much as technology in the digital age


Individuals need to avoid an inward mindset. The reason is that this can undermine collaboration and creativity among employees.  We’ve all seen this! Yet, as soon as people demonstrate operate with an outward mindset, the collaboration level rises and enables processes to work well.

In fact, according to research conducted by McKinsey and Company, organisations that identify and address pervasive mindsets are four times more likely to succeed in organisational change efforts than companies that overlook this stage! Worth a try, right?


Emotional intelligence is a critical power skill


For years, organisations thought that bright, intelligent people were the secret to superior performance. However, recent research has concluded that high IQs or stellar grade point averages do not always translate into equally exemplary job performance. Instead, the ability to recognise, understand, use, and manage emotions in yourself and others is emerging as an accurate predictor of high performance.

Here’s the good news: We all have the capacity to learn and develop this emotional intelligence! And it’s good to know this before hiring the next guy for the company!


Mindfulness promotes a high-performance business culture


More and more of the leading executives are creating high-performing cultures by raising their leaders’ and workforce’s awareness of mindfulness. This approach is not just a way to keep stress under control and improve attention, but also empowers people to readily see patterns and connections and make better decisions.

Prepare your next generation of millennial leadership through developing a ‘culture of mindfulness’!


Digital fluency depends on digital IQ


The shortage of digital skills in the current marketplace is unprecedented. In fact, 50% of employees believe they have the skills they need to be successful, and only 34% believe their company can provide adequate training. However, no matter the generation, all employees need to learn skills such as building a personal online brand, virtual facilitation, social media outreach, content curation, and online etiquette.

How is your business addressing the shortage of digital skills while building digital fluency? Determine which digital skills are most relevant to today’s business landscape and how to speed up your organisation’s digital fluency.



Innovation, creativity, and design thinking lead to long-term success


Innovation is about finding the right problem to solve. But to succeed in today’s digital economy, companies need disruptive innovation. How? Through design thinking!

Dive into the processes, skill sets, and mindsets that will revolutionise your business culture. Learn about the value of design thinking when implementing an effective framework for you as an individual and within your organisation.


It is important to future-proof your career now for tomorrow’s workplace


Up to 47% of jobs are highly susceptible to computer replacement within the next decade, according to one landmark study. What can you do to prepare their careers for tomorrow?

There’s no better time than now to future-proof our careers. Reflect on the trends affecting the future of work and identify the best practices that successful people use to stay current.


Future success requires curiosity, continuous learning, and personal growth. In other words, people who regularly monitor their career – present and future – will be rewarded as they search for skills and roles that are worth investing and avoid those that are fruitless!

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