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2016 has been a fascinating year for gadgets and tech, we spend a lot of time at Beem playing with tech, talking about tech and moving in the exciting world that is technology, here’s a few of the products out that has had us chatting this year



Amazon Echo / Google Home

Both Amazon and Google have made impressive strides to revolutionise the ways we move about and engage with our own homes. Finally we’ve seen a huge leap forward in AI relevancy in the connected home space. Expect to see this space hotting up with a number of AI products hitting the market next year


Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft – (Yes, those guys) caused excited shockwaves when they debuted the Studio – the interactive touch screen tablet. The marketing and messaging was beautiful and the technical demo was intuitive and downright creative. Maybe the next generation of creative thinking could be coming out of Seattle for a while?

Apple iPhone 7

So this one is a controversial choice, which is odd to say about Apple products. But the majority of people were indifferent or downright hated Apples new flagship. No audio jack being a big contributor. But we still think through iteration, Apple will come back fighting, and the 7 is arguably their most powerful and beautiful handset to date. We’re confident that the 8 will be where innovation will likely become more noticeable. The sacrifices seen in the iPhone 7 are a preamble to innovation we’ll likely be used to and familiar with when the 8 becomes available


Translation Earpieces

The earpiece, made by Waverly Labs, allows to two people to communicate clearly across different languages. The technology translates the speakers words in real time allowing the listener to understand the conversation in, say, English; and vice versa. A real disruption to a ubiquitous challenge we all face. We can expect innovation in this space to rocket in sophistication over coming years.




The VR space has been a fast mover throughout 2016, ‘Vive’ is the last and most innovative headset from HTC. This one has a camera on the front, so that when the wearer needs to come back to Real Reality, he/she can just put it to dormant mood, without the struggle of taking the whole thing off. Pretty convenient, uh?


EHang 184

Here, we’re already beyond self-driving cars. The EHang 184 is an autonomous passengers drone that really looks as cool as an helicopter: it can travels for 10 miles and land down onto selected parking spots. It is also designed to be a 100%  green technology drone, powered by electricity only. It will revolutionise the way short-medium communication works!


SCiO Food Scanner

Ok, things are getting awkward here. In the era of vegan, paleo and gluten free food, could we miss the chance to scan what we are going to eat to know how much calories it contains? No, we couldn’t. In fact, this SCiO Scanner will be there for those who feel like they need this in their life. The basic version costs $250, but you know, we live in a fascinating world.



Alarms don’t get you out of the bed? We have the perfect solution for you! Sensorwake is an ‘olfactory’ alarm clock that releases scents of ocean, lush jungle, croissant, coffee, chocolate or peppermint into the room to try to wake you up. For ‘just’ $109, your mornings will never start in an easier and sweeter way.


LG Flexible display

This new LG 18-inch paper-thin OLED display is the newest product of LG technology: it is flexible enough to be rolled up like a newspaper. Now you’ll be able to easily bring your LG screen to your friend’s house, and you’ll also be able to lend future e-readers an authentic paper-like appearance in the future.


Already thinking about getting one of these? Let us know which was your favourite one in the comments! or what we might have overlooked..

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