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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #6]

We're back with our Friday Roundup! March is gone, but not without making some fireworks in its last week! In fact, we've seen FitBit release its Alta HR wristband and Microsoft unveil...

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Introducing Employee Video Capture

We’re excited to announce that we’ve implemented a user-generated video feature to encourage each and every employee to share even more of their experiences with their colleagues!...

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Boost your Internal Comms strategy!

Companies have started to realise the value of communication and the impact of engagement at work, and they are working to improve their internal communications strategy to better affect engagement....

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End of Week Round Up! [Issue #2]

We've selected the most interesting and potentially landscape-changing news of the week: see what your peers are up to this week and join the discussions!...

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Top Tech Gadgets of 2017

There's lots of great new tech coming online this year, so we've put together a list of the new innovations/products we think you should be most excited about!...

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Top trends for Internal Comms in 2017

Today's businesses are always looking to optimise how they communicate with employees, but the tools and strategies they ust are constantly changing in popularity. So what's big in internal comms...

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Pros & Cons of corporate group chats

Business group chats are nothing new, however our user experience with them has evolved considerably over the past few years. Let's just say, we've come a long way from the first generation of...

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How to create a brilliant workplace

If you were given a blank canvas and you could design the best possible company to work for, where would you start? Well, we imagine it would be a company where individual differences are...

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How To Engage Workplace Millenials

It's a fairly well-trodden subject in the enterprise, we know. But one which consistently intrigues everyone involved with employee success. Beem has a bunch of millennial folks so here's our take from...

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The Best Tech of 2016

2016 has been a fascinating year for gadgets and tech, we spend a lot of time at Beem playing with tech, talking about tech and moving in the exciting world...

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Snapchat Spectacles & Workplace Wearables

Less than a month ago, Snapchat launched their first physical product, a wearable piece of tech called “Spectacles”. These spectacles are kind of like a very simplified Google Glass/GoPro hybrid,...

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The Naughty & Nice of Festive HR

Keeping staff motivated and engaged is a challenge at any time of year, but during the festive period it becomes more difficult than ever. With pressure to meet deadlines and...

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How to Make the Most of your Front-Line Stategy

We get it! The enterprise employee front-lines can be a challenging landscape. Which is why we’ve put together a simple infographic overview, with tips and advice to get you started on your journey toward better collaboration and connectivity!

The Death of the Intranet!?

It’s 2016, and Intranet's should no longer be a one-way delivery medium for corporate content. Today’s environment is about working faster and smarter and in order to do so, intranet platforms...

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Why Employee Engagement Matters

We live in an era of increased corporate transparency, across market skills shortages and a shift in attitudes toward the standard office environment: employee engagement and retention are now top issues for every business manager.

The landscape of London’s tech scene

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, London has carried on its shoulders the inheritance of Athens and Rome in matters of progress in Europe. If Civilization and Philosophy were born in the Greek Polis, with Bureaucracy and State organization raised in Julius Caesar’s city, London has always been inclined to host technology developments.

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