The Power of Imagery in Employee Engagement

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The Power of Imagery in Employee Engagement

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… nowadays it can also be worth a thousand likes, thousand shares, and thousand comments lexapro price. Though if your doing a good job promoting your social media, your ambitions might be a lot higher than that!

In a world where trillions of conversations and interactions take place online every day, it’s become common practice for brands to look to social media for insight on the impact of campaigns, and to monitor brand mentions, products and even their competitors. Keeping track of social activity has never been easier, or more important, and there are a whole suite of tools out there to help. 

Brands have also invested A LOT of time in thinking about what content performs best online… and images have been proven to deliver higher levels of engagement than text based content and are processed far more quickly than words. Who has time for a thousand words these days?  

This may help explain Instagram’s stratospheric success over the past few years (their user base has increased 4x in the past 2 years -MDG Magazine). People (it seems) want to share more and more of their lives with the world, and images are an excellent medium to do so. From a corporate perspective, this has proven to be an interesting and innovative way to bring colleagues closer together and raise their engagement levels while at work. Internal social sharing helps to create a positive work environment, promotes team-building and raises the engagement of employees.

A report made by Ipsos, a global research company, shows that User Generated Content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than any other traditional media, it also generates higher levels of engagement rates than conventional brand content. Employee engagement has become increasingly important to company leaders and building an effective employee engagement strategy is at the forefront of many internal comms teams’ minds

Here at Beem, we like to keep it social! And one of the major ways our customers achieve higher levels of employee engagement is by promoting a more social culture. We’ve been harnessing the power of User Generated Content for a long time through our Beem It feature. Employees with Beem have a tool (in hand) to create content on their company platform, on the fly. Employees can now participate in official hashtags campaigns, share photos of the results achieved by the team, or simply highlight some meaningful personal experience. This feature helps them feel closer to their company and given that many organizations are striving to cultivate more loyal employees and avoid workforce turnover, being more social can actually save a lot of money. It’s a win-win situation really, and way more fun!


The Beem It feature helps companies gain more organic insight on the importance of sharing photos: they can pair them with geo-data and text analysis, in order to have a more fulsome picture on how people are interacting with the team and with the brand they represent.

With the Beem It feature, your employees can become your best advocates and gain a stronger social connection to your brand. They will also be able to connect with all their colleagues across the globe, instantly translating posts published in other languages!

Companies also benefit from having all their posts gathered together in one single stream: providing great insight on the level of engagement of employees and helping them feel more open and connected.

To learn more about our Beem It feature, request a demo today!


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