5 Reasons Enterprises Love Beem!

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5 Reasons Enterprises Love Beem!

OK, so there’s a thousand reasons why you should be using Beem, we picked the top 5 that our enterprise clients mention most often!

  1. For starters, we make sure our solution is 100% tailor made to your organisation. We integrate with your existing software and pull all relevant company materials to one place for unified access even for dispersed teams. Yet everyone has an individual experience with a customised platform depending on their location, department or a selected criteria.
  2. Now imagine everyone is able to access company content from everywhere, at anytime AND in their native language. Sounds great, right? We provide our users the benefit of Instant Translation in any language so no one is left behind…
  3. Which brings us to our ‘Hot Login solution’ we made so those without company email, whether it be dispersed and front-line teams, contractors or suppliers will be able to access your company material!
  4. Still feel like something is missing? Maybe you’re thinking about that amazing group picture you snapped yesterday at the company event, your freshest award or newest member of team – all great stuff that you really want to share with your colleagues. With Beem, you can!
  5. OK, here’s your bonus, you’ve earned it! Check out our video to get an insider snapshot of the employee innovation we deliver daily for your organisation. There’s also a tonne of features we packed in and as you know, we never stop! So make sure you say hey to see what’s new!



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