10 Do’s & Don’ts For Your Office Christmas Party!

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10 Do’s & Don’ts For Your Office Christmas Party!

We’re counting down to the end of the year, some of us frenetically focussed on deadlines and objectives. Others, have been wearing their awful Christmas sweaters for weeks already. And then theres everyone else! I’m somewhere in the middle, not the grinch, neither Elf! Anyway, there’s one truth at this time of year. The office Christmas party is within reach, this can either be a celebration of your own and the wider achievements of the company, with those colleagues you work well with and personally admire or a potential minefield of prosecco propelled politics

Either is fine and manageable with moderation of course, so whichever you’re expecting in the days to come, keep reading for a rundown of how to enjoy this hard-earned festive occasion, without embarrassment


Food is your Friend!

Beem christmas

It’s important to eat well if your company has something decadent planned. A good proportion of carbs if you’re going to be celebrating office festivities with alcohol. Eat in moderation a couple of hours before. Then little and often throughout. Food is the ally of the Christmas party. Save those slurs for when you’re with close colleagues or friends.


Pace Yourself!


We totally get it, it’s been an exciting but exhausting year, time to let loose a little. BUT that doesn’t mean stumbling around and doing the Macarena at 6.30pm. (you know who you are!). Go easy and moderate, remember you’re around your peers as well as friends. A little liquid lubrication is fine but remember this isn’t University anymore folks!


Dress for the Occasion


That means an outfit that isn’t too revealing or wacky, or casual, if the occasion doesn’t permit it. The Christmas party can be a good opportunity to showcase a different side of your personality that you don’t always have the chance to show around the office. Make the right impression!


Be your TRUE self

Cute hipster teenage girl with mustache hand drawn on a finger she placed over her lips cute and funny. Retro colors

The Christmas party can represent a great opportunity for you to mix with people you don’t normally connect with, make new friends and network with new and interesting colleagues. But remember professional etiquette here, like active listening and if you’re naturally talkative, remember to dial it down on occasions. Maybe move away from your standard work friends and try to mix with people you’ve not met before. Find common ground with your colleagues and talking points that aren’t always work related; You might just meet your next gym buddy!


Strike a Balance

Throwing bucket of money

Whether or not your organisation arranges high brow drinks or a simple get together, the same applies, strike a spend balance that works well for you, don’t allow peer pressure to pull you away from that. You don’t have to splash your cash if that’s not the person you are. But equally, you don’t have to be the office grinch! Whatever you choose, your colleagues are unlikely to think anymore or less of you!


Hammer Time?


So the champagne is being quaffed, the music gets louder, Mark from accounts is doing the Cha Cha slide in the background; what do you do?

Unless you’re a really good dancer i.e lots of people have complimented you on this! then I’d recommend you show a little self-restraint. Maybe a ‘one-two shuffle’ over a headspin..


Check Before Sharing


If you’ve followed the tips up to now, this one should be easy to handle. But an inebriated Snapchat story, inappropriate Insta, or FBLive won’t be a good idea. It’ll take explaining and could seriously damage your personal reputation and in the worst cases, the organisation. Take a moment to think if in the morning, you’ll think it’s such a good idea


Ahem look what i found.. Crushes


We get it, some people will cross your path who you just have an affinity with. But a crush on a colleague is one of the most delicate issues. Keep control of your senses and don’t allow yourself to be so relaxed that you become inappropriately flirty. Step away from the Misletoe, put the prosecco down, say cheerio and jump in an Uber.. alone. You can thank us later


Beware of Politics

Businesswomen gossiping in office

Most large and small organisations have some degree of subtextual politics going on. But take our advice, don’t participate in the gossip. It’s simply not worth it, not only is it a negative behaviour but it can be both damaging and hurtful. Stay away and don’t entertain it.




It’s probably going to be a long night, with lots of indulgent food, alcohol-fuelled giggles and stimulating chats. You’ll be exhausted, but don’t wander off alone. Jump in a cab, or wait with colleagues until a Taxi or Uber arrives. Better yet, share the journey home with your work friends and fare split

If your party isn’t near to where you live. Make sure you make the necessary plans to reach your hotel, book your taxi ahead and stick to the pickup time.


Whatever you do, enjoy the time to celebrate with your work pals and wider colleagues. You’ve earned the festive party. Just, everything in moderation and you’ll save yourself the physical and metaphorical headache the next morning!

Are you excited for your company get-together? let us know in the comments



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